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    Around the Tomb
      Names for prayer

      Submit your names to pray for.

      Mosdos Kever Rachel's phone lines bring the merit of Rachel Imeinu to Jews around the world. Mosdos Kever Rachel maintains a 24-hour phone line, enabling Jews everywhere to have Tehilim recited on their behalf, free of charge, by Torah scholars of Kollel Kever Rachel.
      The Yartzeit

      A a great source of blessing.

      Mother Rachel’s yartzeit is on the Eleventh of Cheshvon (October). Jews have always visited Kever Rachel on Rachel’s yartzeit, because prayers recited on that day are especially effective. Mosdos Kever Rachel keeps the tradition alive, by hosting the influx of visitors. The turnout is tremendous.
      Women's Prayer

      The power source of Mama...

      We should never be alone when we struggle. We may not be able to always physically help another in need, but we definitely can help spiritually—through prayer. When we have someone in our prayers, we give support and strength in a very powerful way. We have all of our prayers clear and revealed way.
      The Activities

      Keeping the tomb alive...

      Kabbalah says that the middle of the night, when silence reigns and the world sleeps, is an hour of Divine favor and mercy. Mosdos Kever Rachel sponsors a Midnight Kollel (Chatzot) for Torah scholars and the pious to come to Rachel's Kever, where they learn and pray until dawn.

      Sweet sounds of Torah.

      The tomb of Rachel has become a home for a group of young Talmidei Chachomim, who come daily and learn Gemara and Halacha, and fill the tomb with their sweet sounds of Torah. Mosdos Kever Rachel sponsors a Midnight Kollel (Chatzot) for Torah scholars and the pious to come to Rachel's Kever.
      special prayer

      Special prayer. Special salvation.

      Rachel, the childless woman who became the mother of the Jewish People, has become a special symbol of hope for childless women, and all those in need of special blessing. Hundreds of requests are sent every month to "Mosdos Kever Rachel" from Jews world wide, requesting prayers to be said.
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