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Soldier Activities


Tzahal Outreach Programs

Even in the most difficult times, there was one group that never abandoned Kever Rachel: the soldiers of the IDF. Braving danger, loneliness, and boredom, the soldiers stood guard to protect the site.

Today, they work with us to keep Kever Rachel safe. For that, we are extremely grateful. Mosdos Kever Rachel reaches out to the soldiers on duty at Kever Rachel, by befriending them, and by:

~ Providing refreshments daily.

~ Hosting special events, such as parties and dinners.

~ Providing educational programs, including lectures about Mother Rachel, Jewish history,  Jewish holidays, and Jewish observance.

~ Offering soldiers the opportunity to don tefillin, and helping them do so.

~ The Chavrusah Project – Kolel members pair up with soldiers to learn Torah together. Soldiers learn about their Jewish heritage, and all partners benefit from the intellectual  challenge, and from the deep bonds of friendship they forge.

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