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Be Mevater, Receive a FREE Gift!

Everyone can be Mevater!
Chazal tell us that Rachel Imeinu cared so much about her sister Leah's feelings, and it was so important to her that Leah not be embarrassed that she told Leah the secret signs that she had made up with Yaakov Avinu to use under the chuppah. As a result, the day that was supposed to have been Rachel's wedding day became Leah's wedding day! 
The willingness to be mevater, to give in to another person – is a wonderful midddah. It may not always be easy to do, but we can be mevater, and the rewards are very, very great!
Make a kabolah to be mevater for your sister, brother, friend or classmate, and write it, together with your name and your address, to:
Mosdos Kever Rachel
1303 53rd St. #45
Brooklyn NY 11219

Together with your story, you can include a note (kvittel) on which you've written any special wish or tefillah, and Mosdos Kever Rachel will have that note hand-delivered to Kever Rachel. And when they receive your story, Mosdos Kever Rachel will send you a red string from Kever Rachel!

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