Our Buses Leave Jerusalem

Sunday thru Friday

8:45 am

Sunday thru Thursday

2:45 pm  (Mincha)

6:45 pm  (Maariv)

8:45 pm  (Maariv)

10:45 pm  Thursdays only (this bus picks up from the Kotel at 11:00 pm)

1:00 am Men Only (stops only at Shivtei Yisroel 35)


Bus Route: 

  • Matersdorf
  • Sorotzkin St.
  • Imrei Binah St. (Kiryat Tzanz)
  • Ezrat Torah St.
  • Givat Moshe
  • Shmuel Hanovi St. -Ang'el Store (due to Construction, Temporarily not Available)
  • Shmuel Hanovi St. ( Sadigure Shul)
  • Shivtei Yisroel Cor. Meah Shearim - Last Stop

    It is also possible to meet the bus at the army checkpoint before entering Beit Lechem.
For the Egged Bus No. 163 Schedule Click Here:



All Stops are at the Eged no. 2 bus stop, at these following streets

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